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We welcome the opportunity to show the dogs outside of adoption days.
To schedule a visit, give us a call at 713-208-1314 or send an email to

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Hi, Chloe Sophia here. Mom says I am a talker, so thought I would give you an update. I am a one year old girl with very distinct highlights in my fur. I've learned a lot since I checked in to the Cocker Inn. I did not know how to associate with other dogs and I was leery of people. Katie May, a resident alum is teaching me how to play. I enjoy running and playing in the backyard. Balls are fun too. House training is still a work i progress. I am a snuggler so getting to sleep in the bed, curled up next to Mom, makes me very happy. When I meet new folks I can be a little standoffish. I'm working on my trust issues. I have been to some adoptions, but they really are not my cup of tea. Mom says I can meet people at my foster home so my true personality will shine through. Remember, I am a talker so pick up that phone and let's chat! Get ready to Rock and Roll with this little guy! Van Halen is a 3 year male who came to the Cocker Inn by way of a local shelter. He was extremely matted, had heartworms, and an infection between his toes that made us want to "Jump"! This 22 pound cutie has finished his time in the Cocker Inn's medical wing, and now he is ready to go "Dancing in the Streets". And he's looking for a partner.
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More Pics
Alfie Blue is Santa's helper this year. He is hoping Santa will help him find his forever and ever home. He is a 2-3 year old sweetheart. Don't fumble the opportunity to have this pup on your team.
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Shiloh needs to move! He is about 8 years old and he still is very active. Why does he need to go somewhere new? He has severe skin allergies and the carpet may be what's triggering those allergies. Allergies or not he needs to stay an inside dog. He's house trained and does well with other dogs. He knows commands such as "come" "sit" "stay" "kennel" and "eat". He will sit to be groomed and come to be bathed. He is a sweet dog.
Monty checked into the Cocker Inn with Rita. Their mom had died and dad was working all the time, so he couldn't take care of them. When we started to groom Monty in we thought he was all black. After his make-over, we found his stunning markings. Monty is soaking up the love at the Cocker Inn. He loves belly rubs and follows his foster mom everywhere. He loves to snuggle in the bed and is always on the lookout for an empty lap. Monty is 3 years old and ready for new home.
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Monty cleaning up
Monty before grooming
I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
Our girl, Our girl
Talkin' 'bout our girl....PJ

Penny June (aka PJ) is a tiny female who wants so much to be your girl. This laid back girl is approx 6 years young and lives for being a lapdog. She would be most content sitting in a lap, watching the birds fly by or catching the evening sunset. PJ LOVES to go "bye bye" and glee's with excitement when she gets to go. This sweet girl would be a perfect companion for a retiree or for a laid back family.

If you love southern gentlemen and have a taste for fine chocolate, you're sure to fall in love with this guy. Elwood is a 7 year old chocolate male who is a true gentleman. According to his foster mom, "this is truly the best dog EVER". He is one laid back, easy going and happy dog whose tail is constantly wagging. He gets along with other dogs and appears to be house trained. We are absolutely nuts over this little chocolate guy and he is sure to melt your heart too.
Expanded view of Ellwood
I'll love You'll love me
We'll be a happy family
With a great big Ihug and a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you'll love me too.

Barney is a big, lovable "Cockersaurus" loves everybody and just wants someone who will love him too. He roared his way to the Cocker Inn and recently recovered from heartworm treatment. His favorite thing in the whole world is belly rubs. Other favorite things are his human and his toys but he isn't keen on sharing either one of them so he would do best in a home with no small children.
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The following CockerKids® have found their way into our foster home network, and are looking for their forever home. As we get more information on them it will be posted on this site.

Sgt. Oliver




Cranberry (aka CB)

Riley Joe