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We welcome the opportunity to show the dogs outside of adoption days.
To schedule a visit, give us a call at 713-208-1314 or send an email to

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Shark! Did someone say SHARK???

Shiloh had planned on doing some surfing but heard the word "shark" and quickly changed his mind. This 8 year old male is the gentlemen on The Love Boat and is swooning the ladies with his mature charm. He likes to stay in shape by running his back yard back home and the girls are really digging is physique. He is a cuddler and kisser and is looking for someone to settle down with as he sails into retirement. This mannerly guy knows how to use a doggy door and is going to be a great catch for that special someone.
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Knight Ryder is a 3 year old black and tan male who zoomed his way to Houston via KITT, a Kind Individual who Took the Time to rescue him from Corpus Christi, TX. When we got the urgent call about this guy who was about to be put down because he had heartworms, a CSRET volunteer sprung into action and made the trek to Corpus, just in time to save this great boy from imminent danger. Ryder is a fabulous, laid back guy, with heartworm treatment behind him, ready to zoom his way into his forever home.
So, a buff, a parti and an ASCOB walk into the Cocker Inn. . .

Augie is a funny little guy who is less than a year old. He LOVES to run and play and would be tickled pink to have a yard with some kids or other dogs to play with. He has become quite the comedian at the Cocker Inn and we all laugh at his silly antics. Augie is eager to please and is a very smart little guy who we predict would graduate at the top of his puppy training class. We give this silly boy a standing ovation. . . and you will, too.
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Sparkles just shines with her effervescent personality. She has a shiny black and white coat with spotted front legs. At one to two years old, she scampers around as fast as lightening with her natural tail held high and is always excited to see you. Sparkles is getting along fine with the seven other dogs in her pack but did require a couple days of adjustment. Cats fascinate her but her foster mom says not in a good way, so no cats for Sparkles. If you need some sparkle in your life, Sparkles may be the one!
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While their namesakes in Pride and Prejudice led privileged and romantic lives, the Cocker Inn's Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth have seen their share of tragedy. Why did these black beauties end up in a shelter down in the Valley? Their fortunes turned when the CockerKids invited them to join their program. They are both sweet dogs, ride well in the car, and are absolutely gorgeous. They are approximately four years old. Both will start heartworm treatment soon. We assume they are brother and sister. It would be lovely if they were adopted together but we may consider placing them in different homes. Get your application in now to be considered to adopt Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.

Mr. Darcy is the one on the light blue leash and Elizabeth is the one on the purple leash.
Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth      Mr. Darcy      Mr. Darcy
Elizabeth      Elizabeth      Elizabeth

I see trees of green, red roses, too,
I see them bloom, for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

When we look at these beautiful girls, we can't help but think what a wonderful world it would be if we could find a loving home for them where they could stay together. This mother/daughter pair has been together since Daisy was born and they are very bonded. Sable, the mother is a 7 year old black and white merle parti who absolutely adores her chocolate and white merle daughter, 6 year old Daisy. They are great with adults, kids and other dogs but Daisy is a bit too interested in her kitty friends. Sable is a good mom, constantly checking on Daisy. And like most moms, she can be a bit overprotective at times but that's most likely Daisy is visually impaired but loves to run, jump and climb. These darling girls came to us from a local shelter and you couldn't ask for a sweeter, more cuddly pair.
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The following CockerKids® have found their way into our foster home network, and are looking for their forever home. As we get more information on them it will be posted on this site.

Maggie Mae



Brittany Bow


Jami Joy