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We welcome the opportunity to show the dogs outside of adoption days.
To schedule a visit, give us a call at 713-208-1314 or send an email to

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Monty checked into the Cocker Inn with Rita. Their mom had died and dad was working all the time, so he couldn't take care of them. When we started to groom Monty in we thought he was all black. After his make-over, we found his stunning markings. Monty is soaking up the love at the Cocker Inn. He loves belly rubs and follows his foster mom everywhere. He loves to snuggle in the bed and is always on the lookout for an empty lap. Monty is 3 years old and ready for new home.
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Monty cleaning up
Monty before grooming
Xuxa, pronounced "Shoo Sha" means Lily. And XuXa is a lily that has blossomed into the sweetest and most loving little girl. She had a rough start in life coming from a family who mistreated her. It has taken her awhile to learn to trust again but with lots of love from her family at Cocker Inn she has overcome her feeling of distrust towards people. She absolutely wants to give her love and devotion and to be loved and cared for. Her foster mom says she adapted quickly to her new foster home and sleeps with her foster mom and two cocker foster brothers. She is house trained and quickly figured out the doggie door. She loves to ride in the car and LOVES to play ball which you can always find in her mouth. She really enjoys her afternoon walks with her foster mom and brothers. She is a smart girl with all cockers enjoys her food and politely sits for snacks. She might be a bit timid for a few minutes when first meeting strangers but she is a snuggle bug and will love you unconditionally.
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Handsome Remi is about 2 years old. He adores everyone including children, other dogs and even cats. He is very easy going once he gets to know you. He's full of sunshine, has lots of playful energy, loves car rides and snuggle with you while watching TV, reading a book or just being by your side. So, if you are looking for a super sweet boy, here's your guy!
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Rafferty was found around St. Patrick's Day by a Good Samaritan. He is a beautiful black and tan male, probably 2-3 years old. He had a little mishap and recently had to have an eye removed but he's not letting that stop him from finding his forever home. Rafferty seems to have a great, loving personality.
H.W.Byles said, "Cheerfulness is what greases the axles of the world". If that is so, this happy guy will never go through life creaking. Jake is a tail wagging 3 year old black and white male who loves life and everything about it. As with many Cocker Spaniels, he has occasional seizures but not enough to require medication. He is visually impaired because of cataracts but you would never know it because he can see around them. He is not a candidate for cataract surgery because his angles are too narrow so he may lose his vision as he ages. You can't help but smile just being around this happy little guy. When he wags his long fluffy tail, his whole back end wiggles. He is truly a sweetheart who loves unconditionally and is looking for someone who will love him unconditionally as well. Helen is a eight year old black beauty who lost her way and was found wandering near a busy intersection. After no one claimed her, she made her way to the Cocker Inn®. People seem to be put off by her blindness but she handles it with remarkable aplomb. Although she takes exception to other dogs bumping into her she manages some remarkable feats such as jumping into a chair. Helen has adapted so well to her blindness that you may forget she can't see.

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Riley is a small black and tan male was found roaming alone in a neighborhood. When nobody stepped up to claim him, the kind people who found him helped him make his way to the Cocker Inn. He is young, friendly and ready to move to a new forever home. Get to know this dog and you'll fall in love with Riley. Really. Perhaps there's nothing better than waking up with Folgers in your cup but we think there is nothing better than waking up with Maxwell in your home. Maxwell is a robust 2 year old buff and white male with a fluffy tail.
Maxwell looking for his forever home
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Looking to get into better shape? Nick is a young, 1-2 year old who is looking for a jogging or walking partner to train with. He will keep you on your pace and go the extra mile. He loves life, enjoys running and never misses an opportunity to chase squirrels or birds. Nick's deep red coat is stunning. You will turn heads on the trail. Nick wants you to get off that couch and join his exercise program!
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Ball? Did someone say ball? Melody (aka Mel) is an athletic 5 year old female who loves to play ball. She is fit and trim and sports a flashy long tail. She can run like a bolt of lightning and will chase the ball for as long as someone will throw it. When bed time rolls around, she loves her ball so much that she sleeps with it. Instead of counting sheep to go to sleep, she counts tennis balls. Mel is a very affectionate girl who doesn't like to share her ball (or her human) and would be happiest in a home where she is the only dog.
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Max and his son, Ozzie joined the pack at the Cocker Inn with his when their owner got sick and could no longer take care of them. As so frequently happens when two dogs come in together, one will be heartworm positive and the other will be parasite free. Ozzie is the unlucky one of this pair that turned up infected. So while Ozzie chills in the Medical Wing, Max is searching for a forever home. When the poor guy showed up at the Cocker Inn he had not been groomed in a year and had been living outside. Once all the hair was shaved off, this handsome boy emerged. he has been jumping for joy ever since. Max is a happy boy who loves to play and he gets along with everyone. Barney is a handsome 5 year old fellow who moved out of a nearby shelter to take up temporary (he hopes) residence at the Cocker Inn. Get to know Barney and you can tell your friends how you met your cocker. No doubt about it, having Barney as a part of your family will be legen. . . (wait for it). . . dary!

The following CockerKids® have found their way into our foster home network, and are looking for their forever home. As we get more information on them it will be posted on this site.