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We welcome the opportunity to show the dogs outside of adoption days.
To schedule a visit, give us a call at 713-208-1314 or send an email to

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"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you." -Nathaniel Hawthorne

Bella is a beautiful 5 year old black and white female who tip toed her way into the Cocker Inn®. She was scared and angry because she had been abandoned and wasn't sure who she could trust. After plenty of loving attention from her foster mom she has metamorphosed into a happy girl who loves to play ball and be as close to her human as possible. She also loves to go for long walks and get neck and belly rubs. Although she has come a long way with her trust issues, she would do best in home with no children or other pets. She tends to prefer the company of women and needs someone who will be patient with her while she continues to learn to trust again.
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Meet Riplee. She's an adorable, house trained one to two year old. A sweet girl who seems shy at first but warms up quickly. She doesn't like for anyone to get in her face, but she won't let you out of her sight, either. At bedtime, she loves to cuddle in bed with you. She's great on a leash and looks forward to her walks. She has some anxiety issues when left alone, so her perfect home would be with someone who's home a lot. Having a playmate could be a great solution, and she is a cat-friendly, too. This devoted sweetie would rather lie at your feet than play with toys. She would love to be your new girl!
So, a buff, a parti and an ASCOB walk into the Cocker Inn. . .

Augie is a funny little guy who is less than a year old. He LOVES to run and play and would be tickled pink to have a yard with some kids or other dogs to play with. He has become quite the comedian at the Cocker Inn and we all laugh at his silly antics. Augie is eager to please and is a very smart little guy who we predict would graduate at the top of his puppy training class. We give this silly boy a standing ovation. . . and you will, too.
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Watch out, Snoopy! The Red Baron has landed at the Cocker Inn®. Baron is a gorgeous 7 year old boy who was running out of time at a shelter in El Paso. When the CockerKids® saw his plight on FaceBook, they invited him join the pack. Through the efforts of dedicated volunteers and the fabulous fly boys with Pilots 'n Paws Baron spent a bit of time in the medical wing getting check out and it turns out he's in pretty good shape. He does have a grade 4 heart murmur but that shouldn't keep him from taking off for a forever home.
Baron's shelter photo
Baron's sweet ride to Houston
Baron looking out the window
Baron on the tarmac
Baron settling into his new foster home
Rev up your engines! The race is on to see who gets this handsome boy first! Diesel is a 4-5 year old boy with winning on his mind. A crowd favorite who loves to run. Diesel is looking to set a track record and take his victory lap right into his forever home.
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The Cocker Inn made room for Hannah, who while not a cocker spaniel, came to us under such tragic circumstances, we couldn't turn her away. She was found on the side of a busy roadway screeching and in shock from witnessing a car hit her companion. Our hearts broke for her. Hannah is a bit shy but quite friendly. She is house broken, very well behaved and trustworthy. Her only shortcoming is that she hates to be on a leash, but with time and experience, she's getting more comfortable. She's two years old and has a gorgeous natural tail. She likes hunting squirrels in the backyard and when left to herself, she entertains herself by tossing a ball in the air then chasing after it.
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I don't ever wanna know
No other shotgun rider beside me
Life ain't nothing but a dream, don't wanna be
Cruisin' through this dream without you

McGraw and Miranda knocked on the door of a Good Samaritan, they were matted messes with sticks and mud caked all over them. The Good Samaritan cleaned them up as best she could and made reservations at the Cocker Inn®. When McGraw first checked in, he was very skittish and looking for the door. After just a week, he settled in and learned to trust. Like his country heart throb namesake, our mild mannered 8 year old McGraw has a fan club. He follows his foster mom everywhere and enjoys being a lap dog. He is even giving her kisses now. His favorite petting spot for is under his ears and he just can't get enough. McGraw has "Faith" he will find his Shotgun Rider to cruise through his dream life.
Miranda and McGraw before grooming and a bath
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O'Malley finally got some Irish luck when he checked in to the Cocker InnŽ. Horribly matted with wire screen caught up in the mats underneath, it took over two hours to slowly remove the mess. Once cleaned up, a handsome red and white parti boy emerged. Now that he can easily move without being stuck by the wire, O'Malley is running and playing. His best buddy is Oscar. They spend hours romping and wagging their tails. O'Malley is searching for his four leaf clover that will bring him a new forever home.
Matted O'Malley before grooming
Leo is a gorgeous, shiny four year old boy who was cast out of his former home because he had a cataract. Rejected and dejected, Leo came to live at the CockerInnŽ. A visit to the eye specialist determined he has his small cataract isn't really a cause for concern. His eye pressures are good and no medication or follow up visits are required. Leo loves to be with his human especially snuggling into lap. No lap? No problem. He likes to play ball if a lap is not available. Leo gets along with everyone and will easily settle in to your home and lifestyle. Louie showed up in a shelter as a stray. He weighed 25 lbs and his teeth look fairly good, but that was about the only thing going for him. We aged him at somewhere between 2-4 years, but it was hard to tell due to his other conditions. For all intents and purposes he appeared to be blind, or have very little visual capabilities. His right eye was incredibly swollen and left eye was smaller. The people who found him tried cutting off matted fur (he was totally covered in mats), but ended up giving him a couple of lacerations in the process, one is about an inch long. He also had bilateral ear infections, and he tested heartworm positive. After a little time and attention in the Cocker Inn Medical Wing, Louie is now ready to go to a forever home. He's had his share of rough times, so now he deserves some good ones.
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picture of the swollen eye *Warning: Graphic image*

The following CockerKids® have found their way into our foster home network, and are looking for their forever home. As we get more information on them it will be posted on this site.




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