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We welcome the opportunity to show the dogs outside of adoption days.
To schedule a visit, give us a call at 713-208-1314 or send an email to

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Dear Diary,
Box after box was taken from the apartment. All the furniture was gone. The lights went out. The door slammed shut. Surely they will come back for me. They must simply want to keep me safe while moving to a new place. Days passed but no one returned. Finally the apartment manager found me and took me to a very scary place - the shelter was crowded, noisy and cold. I really HATED being kenneled and it made me anxious. I was terrified and not acting very nice. I even tried to bite the kennel workers. None-the-less, Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas decided to give me a chance. I stayed with the vet for a while where I was treated for ear infections, some skin issues, a UTI, a URI, sore joints, crystals in my urine. . . and my anxiety. Good news! I tested heartworm negative. Today I am feeling much better. I so hope there's a family out there that wants to adopt me.
- Speckles.

Speckles is a four year old black and white tri merle with one blue eye! He is a gorgeous dog although he does have a slight underbite. He has at least one chronic health issue that is treated with prescription dog food to prevent crystals from forming in his urine. If not, he will develop painful bladder stones. It is too early to tell if we will be able to wean him from the anxiety and pain meds. Although he lived in an apartment and may even be potty pad trained, his bark is a bit loud but not terribly frequent. He sleeps in a kennel overnight but would prefer to be with his people. He seems to have some trust issues but with the right owner will continue his recovery.

It's been said that black dogs have a hard time getting adopted, so let's prove that old wives tale wrong and get Lola adopted in record time! A former show dog, Lola's coat is absolutely gorgeous and she has a sweet personality to complement her looks. Lola may be nine years old, but you would never guess it. Come on, get those applications in since Lola is anxious to move in with a new forever family.
Lily is nine years old and is ready to be pampered. This black and white girl is still beautiful enough for the show ring. She has been well cared for and kept on heartworm preventative. She loves people and gets along well with other dogs. She is missing a few teeth and has dry eye, but other than that is one healthy lady. So, if you'd like little beauty to hang her tiara in your home put in your application!
If you're looking for the best dog EVER, meet Ragsdale! This handsome boy is around 6 years old and is a true gentleman. He survived a very rugged past and was a diamond in the ruff when he crawled into the medical wing of the Cocker Inn. His ears were hurting because they were completely calcified from years of neglect and he was suffering with issues with both of his eyes. But through the CockerKids medical plan he's had ear ablation surgery on both ears. That means that the ear canals have been removed and he will never have another ear infection for the rest of this life! WooooHooooo! No more yucky ears for his family to have to clean or medicate....EVER! His eyes are much better too. They require a drop or two of inexpensive medication daily to maintain them and that's it. His hearing and vision may be limited but it doesn't stop this laid back and easy going boy from watching his foster mom get ready for work everyday And when she gets home, he is the first to hop in her lap. Ragsdale gets along great with everyone and is an all around great dog! A doggy door is a necessity for this perfectly house trained pup. He loves nyla bones and going for rides in the car. Ruh roh Raggy..Rooby rooby roo here and I can barely see you. Ziokes, who turned out the lights?

Scooby Doo is a groovy 7 year old sable boy who was shivering in his boots when the green van drove off and left him at the local shelter. It's still a mystery as to why he ended up in a shelter but he was saved by the brave CSRET Cocker sniffing detectives who discovered that it was probably because he has cataracts. He appears to see shadows and functions great once he finds way around. Did someone say Scooby snack?

As the temperatures dipped into the 20's, a mother and her daughter were found running the streets of Houston in search of food and shelter. Aged at approximately 2 years old, Tammy (black and white) was anxiously looking for a place for her and 10-12 month old daughter, Jane to weather the cold. As luck would have it, they were picked up by a good Samaritan and were taken to the safety of a vet clinic. Word of this pair reached the Cocker Inn and the CockerKids reached out to help. Both girls had Demodex, a non-contagious skin condition, so treatment began right away and they are recovering nicely. Mother and daughter are very bonded and would love to stay together but there is one obstacle. Tammy is heartworm positive and needs to undergo heartworm treatment. They are still at the vet clinic and desperately in need of a foster home where they can hang out together while mom is treated for heartworms. Once Tammy has completed heartworm treatment, we are hoping to place them together.
Zuzu is a smart ebony beauty who was found in the Bryan/College Station area about two years ago, blind and afraid. The CockerKids arranged for cataract surgery on one eye and after seeing flowers, birds and bugs, she finally knew that It's a Wonderful Life. Her new forever family renamed her Bella, and life was very, very good. Unfortunately, her family experienced some life changes and -- very sadly -- she had to move back to the Cocker Inn. Just like in the movie, Bella/Zuzu remains optimistic that her new forever family is right around the corner. She is most likely 6-8 years old now, has the softest, shiniest black coat imaginable, and would do well in a home where she could either be Alpha or an only dog, though she does get along with cats. Zuzu says that "every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings," and every time the door opens she looks to see if it's her new family.
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This sweet boy may look like a lion but he is a purrrrrrfect little angel! Leo is a 5-7 year old Cocker/Shih Tzu mix. He has the face of a Shih Tzu with the height of a Cocker Spaniel. He came to us as a big shaggy mess and had to be completely shaved down because he was so matted. We can't wait for his coat to grow back because he is going to be absolutely gorgeous. According to his foster mom, he is totally house trained and uses the doggy door perfectly. He is also a bit shy so it takes a little while for him to warm up but once he does, he is a sweetheart.
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Callie Jo is not our typical rescue. She checked in to the Cocker Inn® looking for a Kitty Club but took a really wrong turn. Callie Jo weighed in at 3 lbs and was estimated to be approximately 6 months old. She's been living among the CockerKids for way too long now, just waiting for someone to get her out of the doghouse. She has grown into a pretty calico girl that still acts like a kitten. She loves to dart around chasing anything that catches her eye. She is very social and never stops purring. She does tolerate some of the Cocker Inn residents, but is ready to check out. Who will let this Callie Jo entertain them? Send an email to or call the HotLine at 713-208-1314 to work out a change-of-address for this kitty among the cockers.
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Callie Jo at 6 months