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Frequently Asked Questions about Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Q: What is Cocker Spaniel Rescue?

A: Cocker Spaniel Rescue (CSR) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned, mistreated, unloved, unwanted or lost cocker spaniels. The rescues are given a complete health check and are assessed for temperament. The health check includes all shots, fecal, spay/neuter, and heartworm test. The adoption fee covers these items only. Any other health issues such as heartworm treatment, cherry eye, skin or ear problems are treated but those costs are not passed on to the new family. Rescue absorbs those costs. The organization depends primarily on the $250 donation fee for a young healthy dog and a sliding scale used for the seniors and special needs dogs, from each adoptive family (which covers the initial vetting only), contributions and small fundraisers. CSR is a 501(c)(3) organization and chartered in the State of Texas. Contributions may be tax deductible - check with your accountant.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue is a very pro-active group. We work very hard to rehabilitate, evaluate and re-home our rescues. In the sense that CSR is a business, we market our rescues through our website and our adoptions with only one thought in mind, to find each and every rescue the very best forever home possible and to be a safety net for them should they ever need it. Our goal is to move these rescued CockerKids into forever homes as quickly as possible. As their advocate, our focus is the health, welfare and happiness of these rescues. If, in the process of helping our CockerKids, we are able to help people as well, we are doubly blessed. Everyday in rescue is a leap of faith: Can we help this Cocker in need? Can we bring this one back from the brink? How can we turn this Cocker away even if it is old and has been thrown away by heartless people? Can we help this 4 year old blind Cocker that is no longer wanted by her family? If we donít take her into rescue she will be taken to the shelter where she will be killed immediately because she is an owner turn-in and, being blind, is unadoptable? How can we raise the money so that this rescue gets the surgery that it desperately needs? Where is the money for day-to-day expenses going to come from? How can we find more foster homes and more vets and more funds? But our faith is great and, with each Cocker rescued and placed in a forever home, our questions and needs are answered by the wonderful people we meet and the dedicated volunteers who help these CockerKids.

Q: Where do the rescues come from?

A: Animal shelters and animal control facilities in Harris and surrounding counties around the state of Texas, puppy mills, owner turn-ins, abandoned dogs and good Samaritan rescues. When we have foster space we take rescues from surrounding states. We have rescued Cockers in Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico and from as far away as California.

Q: What criteria are used for accepting rescues?

A: If foster space permits dogs are accepted if they appear to be full-blooded cocker spaniels and have a pleasant temperament. Age is generally not a factor unless the dog has health or behavior problems that would make the dog unadoptable.

Q: Where is the Cocker Inn?

A: CSR has no facility where rescues are housed. The Cocker Inn is a generic term we use for our foster homes. So every foster home is part of the Cocker Inn. Rescues are fostered in the homes of volunteers until forever homes can be found.

Q: How can I meet the Cocker(s) in which I'm interested.

A: CSR holds adoptions nearly every weekend at varying locations around the Houston area, usually at pet stores. Dates, times and locations are posted on the website. CSR will have a sampling of fully vetted and temperament assessed rescues for you to meet as well as a knowledgable CSR volunteer to answer your questions. Please call our hotline at 713-208-1314 to confirm that the rescues in which you are interested will be at the adoption. We welcome the opportunity to show our rescues at other times also. Just call to make arrangements.

Q: How do I adopt a Cocker Spaniel rescue?

A: To start the adoption approval process you need to complete the adoption application form. This form is posted on the website, can be obtained by calling the hotline at 713-208-1314 or one can be picked up at an adoption. Once you have returned the application, CSR reviews the application to determine your eligibility and suggest which dog(s) match your lifestyle the best. A vet or personal referral is reviewed and a one-on-one interview is conducted during a home visit. If approved, a contract is signed and the $250 donation is paid when you take custody of your rescue.

Q: If you are a rescue group, why do you charge to adopt a dog?

A: We need funds to pay our vet and boarding expenses and to continue rescuing Cockers in need. The $250 is a donation to help provide veterinary care for future rescues. The rescue you adopt comes to you fully vetted with a health check including a fecal and heartworm test and has been vaccinated for rabies, distemper, parvo, corona and bordatella. Rescues may have been treated for other medical conditions such as heartworms, cherry eyes, ear, skin or mouth problems before being adopted. The adoptive parent receives all medical records CSR has on the rescue being adopted in order that the new family does not have to repeat any tests or shots that CSR has already done.

Q: Are there any requirements for becoming adoptive parents?

A: Yes, CSR has certain expectations of adoptive families:

  • Agree to make the Cocker an inside dog. Why?
  • A fenced yard is not a requirement, but a very good feature for the safety of the dog.
  • No small children. Typically no children under 7, except in special circumstances
  • Keep the dog on heartworm preventative and current on all vaccinations. This is an absolute requirement.
  • To regularly groom the dog including weekly brushing and ear cleaning.
  • To provide adequate food, water and medical care.
  • To keep a collar and tags with your name and phone number on the dog.

Q: What if the dog doesn't work out in my home?

A: Cocker Spaniel Rescue is a safety net for our rescues and we will always take placements back from adoptive families no matter how long it has been since the placement was made. CSR insists that the Cocker be returned and not taken to a shelter or given to someone who doesnít know about the breed. It's not fair to the dog to be going to someone who is only doing you a favor and doesnít really want your Cocker. Adopters can return the dog at any time five days or five years later.