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The dogs on this page are part of Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas' Forever Foster Program. Theses dogs may have chronic medical conditions requiring ongoing medical expenses or they may be of an advanced age or for some other reason CSR-ET feels their changes of being adopted are very slight. We are committed to the long term care of these CockerKids and providing them with a safe, comfortable and loving home. Of course, CSR-ET would love to place them in the right home, but we recognize they are probably going live out their lives in foster homes.

You can help CSR care for Forever Fosters through your donations either to the Cocker Spaniel Rescue General Fund, or if you have a special favorite, you can direct your kindness to that specific CockerKid. If you would like to talk to CSR-ET about sponsoring a specific Forever Foster, send an eMail to To make a contribution, you can mail your tax deductible donation to:

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas
P.O. Box 28
Sugar Land, TX 77487-0028

Or you can make a donation using PayPal.

The Cocker Inn's Forever Foster CockerKids

Alfie Blue is a 12 year old sable male who came to us after being found walking down a country road. He was dirty, covered with fleas and extremely matted. Several months later, we were contacted by a lady who said that he was her dog who went missing sometime back. After verifying that it was in fact her dog, we agreed to let her have him back and what should have been a joyful reunion never happened. She never came to get him. At his age, he will most likely live out his life at the Cocker Inn where he is loved and well cared for. Alfie is a very sweet and affectionate boy who has occasional seizures and accidents in the house but he is mostly house trained and normally uses the doggy door when Nature calls.
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Booker is a darling blonde male who almost crossed over the Rainbow Bridge during heartworm treatment. Booker's will to live, the love/care given by his foster parents, and the prayers of everyone in Cocker Rescue helped love him back to life. After surviving that hurdle, he still has serious physical challenges. Both knees are luxating, but he's not in pain nor does this afflection slow him down. He also has compression of 2 vertebrae and he moans if you have to pick him up. The vet does not recommend surgery for the back. Booker seems to know his limits as far as jumping up, but we still try to make things as easy for him as we can.
Donny Osmond sang a song about "puppy love". It was a song about being a teenager in love, about being misunderstood and how a young heart really feels. Cocker Donnie is no puppy, but he understands needing love and not being understood. At 6-7 years old, this tiny boy has yet to see his better days. He has trauma to one eye and shivers in his boots when we try to pick him up. He is slowing learning to trust us and we know that with a little time and a lot of love, he will blossom into the boy that he was meant to be. Donnie would do very well in a quiet home with someone who is patient, kind and willing to teach him how to love.
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1-2-3-4-5...Ready or not, here he comes. This is Hyde and he seeks a home where he can snuggle up and sleep with his new family. This little guy is 5-6 years young and is a real snuggle bunny.
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Maisie looked so forlorn at the shelter that our volunteer just couldn't resist those sad eyes. We can't can't quite place the breed that comprise her mix. Maybe a little cocker? What makes her beautiful plumed tail curl over her back? What breeds contribute to the triangular face and long but slender legs? No matter what her heritage, she is a handsome, athletic girl, about 18 months old.

It is obvious Maisie had a rough start in life. She is very defensive and cowers when you approach to pet her. It takes her a significant amount of time to trust people. She is full of energy and loves to frolic. Maisie will never be a cuddler but she can be a fun, active dog. Unless the just right home comes along, Masie will be fine as one of the Cocker Inn's Forever Fosters

My name is Bobby and I am "toofless"...well, almost. When I first came to the Cocker Inn, my teef hurt and my breaf was weally stinky. The vet said I had a gum disease so he had to pull most of 'em. I'm not stinky anymore but I sure need somebody to snuggle with me. I just want to lay my head on your shoulder and snuggle with you all night. I'm no spring chicken (cuz they tell me I'm 7+ years old) but that just means that I won't keep you awake at night and won't go potty in the house. My foster mom says I'm the best boy in the whole world. I may be toofless but I am the best-est snuggler EVER!
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Noelle has a song in her heart. Despite being sight impaired and having a bad hip, Noelle's spirits jumped when the CockerKids invited her to leave a shelter to move to the Cocker Inn. Don't let her vision problems deter you from considering adopting Noelle. Bring Noelle into your home and enjoy Christmas all year round. When Maggie Mae moved into the Cocker Inn, we sent her out for a routine physical and discovered she was actually a sick puppy. Maggie Mae is going through renal failure, and we don't know how long she'll be with us. No matter how much time she has left, she will live it out safe and loved in the Cocker Inn Forever Foster Program.
Precious is a 10+ year old blonde found living on the street. Efforts to locate her owner were unsuccessful, so she moved to the Cocker Inn. A trip to the vet revealed that she's blind due to cataracts but in general good health. An exam from the ophthalmologist indicates her left eye may a candidate for surgery, but there is that age thing. Precious is one of those dogs that lives up to her name. Precious is safe and loved in the CockerKids' Forever Foster Program, but if her story has touched your heart, consider bringing her into your home, either as a dog of your own fostering her as part of the Forever Foster Program. You'd never know it now, but when Ethan checked into the Cocker Inn, he was a little on the pudgy side, 32 pounds pudgy, but that could be because of his thyroid condition. He also had some skin problems, but those too, may have been thyroid related. Once Ethan moved from a Houston area shelter to the Cocker Inn, where started getting proper nourishment, medical attention and a big helping of TLC, things started looking up for him. After the first month we could see a marked improvement. With continuing care, this guy looks like a completely different dog. Ethan has to take medicine every day for his thyroid, but for the home that doesn't mind a little extra medical attention, Ethan will return the love many times over.
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This handsome guy is called Garth. When he first checked into the Cocker Inn, back in 2009, we called him Goliath. We gave him that name because he was overweight and out of shape. With a little low cal food and some good exercise he trimmed down buffed up. He was adopted in 2011, but circumstances changed and he was welcomed back. Garth is somewhere north of 8 years old and he'd like to move back to a forever home, but if that never happens, it's okay because Garth is safe and happy in the Forever Foster Program. This chocolate and white male is an absolute teddy bear - soft, cuddly and he loves to snuggle and he's got a home for life.
Garth and Santa 2015
Garth during Christmas 2010
Garth vintage picture
Garth vintage picture
Hemmingway is our old man who can't see. He's around 8 years old. Hemmy was unable to see the water filled hole at the construction site and fell in. We don't know how long he struggled to keep his head above water but when he was finally rescued, he was exhausted. Hemmy was in poor condition that went beyond his misadventure in the construction hole. He had a terrible eye infection, heartworms and intestinal worms. After a life of neglect and possible abuse, Hemingway has gotten much needed medical attention and now he is safe at the Cocker Inn. If the right family will give him a safe and loving home, Hemmy will be a great addition. In the meantime, he is happy and comfortable living in the retirement wing of the Cocker Inn, protected in the Forever Foster Program.
Freckleberry is a handsome tan and white fella with an enormous amount of energy. He is over 4 years old and is a quirky guy. He has an aversion to crates but behaves nicely in the house (as long as any important items have been secured ). He has a compulsion to greet his foster day by taking a running leap into his arms and licking him squarely on the nose. He insists on sharing a bed with his foster family, curling up against one or the other of them to sleep, eventually pushing the human out of bed. He is house broken, and will tell you when he needs to "step outside". He does fine with children over twelve years old as long as they treat him kindly. Freckleberry needs daily exercise and a patient owner who will work with him. Because of Freckleberry's separation anxiety and other behavior challenges, we'd like him to stay close to the Cocker Inn. We've have many inquiries about Freckleberry, but just haven't found quite the right match so Freckleberry has transferred to the Forever Foster Program, where he's comfortable, happy, and one of the family.
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Freckleberry in the Cocker Inn's Cocker Quartet
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Hello! My name is Griffin. I'm such a happy boy; in fact I'm always so happy that I can't stop myself from constantly wagging my tail. I'm about 9 years old and I absolutely love people. Young people, mature people and even other dogs! Everyone who meets me loves me. I have lost my vision due to glaucoma, but I can navigate perfectly well. I can even use the doggy door at my foster home! I learned it in one day. I've never had an "accident" in the house. If I don't have a doggy door, I will go to the door and whine to go out. I'm a very quiet guy - you'll NEVER hear me bark. I'd love to live in a forever home where I can get lots of attention, climb onto laps and cuddle for hours at a time. My other favorite activities are going bye-bye and playing with toys. My long term care will require eye drops 3 times a day, but again, I'm such an angel, when I'm called, I will walk over and hold my head up for the drops. I don't like to brag, but I'm an awesome, loving boy. While I'm happy and well cared for in Forever Foster program, I would still consider moving out to the right home.
Col. Cocker Travis was running the plains with an independent pack. The pack was rounded up and Travis, the only cocker in the pack, was offered sanctuary by the CockerKids. Travis appears to be around four to five years old. He's been stationed at the Cocker Inn for over two years. During his induction physical, he was found to be heavily heartworm positive, so for a long time he underwent treatment and recovery and is now parasite free. Travis does have a few quirks, so he may not be the right dog for first time cocker owners. Travis is for the most part a friendly, affectionate dog, but he refuses to be groomed. Vehemently refuses to be groomed. The appearance of scissors or clippers put him on the defensive, but if you put the grooming tools away, he's your best friend again. Travis is available for reassignment to the right home, but we want to make sure he's a good match before we issue the transfer orders.
Travis standing around
Travis being where he shouldn't be
Travis after a haircut
Travis before grooming
Listen to the wisdom of toothless ones.
-Ancient Proverb

Howdy, my name is Beau and I'm toofless. Well... almost. But my foster mom takes good care of what teef I have left. I found myself in the dungeons of a dog pound but the kind folks at the Cocker Inn fell in love with me and got me out of there. I had a hard time eating anything for a while because my teef were bad and when I got them cleaned, I lost 12 of them. I was missing 8 to begin with so that doesn't leave me much to chew with. But that's ok because I'm learning to eat without them and am getting lots of soft yummy food. My foster mom says that I may be an English Cocker because I'm a bit taller than the rest of the CockerKids. At 33 pounds, my ribs were showing but I'm filling out now that I can eat again and am getting some tasty soft food. Everyone tells me what a sweet and friendly boy I am. I love sleeping beside my foster mom's bed. I really like to trick her into petting me by rubbing my head on her hand. She instantly starts petting me so it's a really cool trick. And I'm learning the doggy door trick too. See, I may be almost toothless but I am really wise boy!

You're just not yourself if you don't have a Cocker Spaniel in your house. So relax and have a Snickers. Snickers is a two year old treat of a guy. Since still acts like a puppy you can expect him to be a little nuts. Snickers has a few health problems that landed him in the Forever Foster Program, but remember, Snickers satisfies.
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How do you spell cute? T-A-Y-L-O-R! This adorable buff boy is a former resident of the Cocker Inn. He moved out in 2009, but his owner recently died, so Taylor had no choice but to move back in. Almost blind, Taylor's tail has not stopped wagging as he explores his foster home. He is the happiest, most laid back cocker spaniel we know. Taylor is ready to interview prospective applicants for his next forever home.
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Spencer is a charming little guy who was left to die when his owners moved away leaving him in the back yard. Luckily, the neighbors heard his cries and came to his rescue. He doesn't see or hear well but he has a huge heart and lots of love to give. We absolutely adore this sweet boy! He deserves the better life our Forever Foster Program can give him. "Beam me up Scotty"

Scotty is a 5-6 year old male who was found living in the woods after his owner passed away. He is an adorable little "Treker" who loves stuffed animals and tennis balls and runs at warp speed chasing them. He has more energy than a fully charged array of dilithium crystals but settles in nicely and LOVES to cuddle! He has an out of this world personality and keeps his foster parents laughing. This sweet boy would love to "live long and prosper" being someone's big lap dog. Would you put an end to Scotty's ongoing mission to seek out a new life and new family - to boldly go to a new forever home? This little guy appears to be house trained and will have you beaming with joy!

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