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It is always a "leap of faith" when we accept a senior or special needs dog into our program. After all, who wants to adopt an old dog or one with an issue like blindness? Thankfully, this year at least TWENTY of our senior and special needs dogs have been adopted! As these CockerKids celebrate their first Thanksgiving in a loving home, they and the volunteers at CSRET are grateful for the adopters who open their hearts to our special needs dogs.

Huntley is only four years old, but he is thankful for having a safe and loving foster home as he continues his hunt for a forever home.

Bring your pets to meet Santa
and capture the moment with a photo

Whether your pets have been naughty or nice, bring them to the Cypress Falls Pet Resort and Spa in Tomball, and let them explain themselves. Santa will be there to hear their Christmas wish list and one of Santa's elves will take a photograph of the visit. The cost for each photo is $10 and that includes a frame. All proceeds benefit Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas and help the CockerKids® fulfill their mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome homeless and hopeless cocker spaniels.

Come see us on:

December 3, 10 and 17
11:00 am until 4:00 pm

Cypress Falls Pet Resort
12043 Spring Cypress Rd
Tomball, Tx. 77377
Phone: (281) 378-7170

Enhance Your Holiday Decorating
and Help a CockerKid®

Wouldn't this make a beautiful fall centerpiece for your holiday decorating needs . . . our annual wreath fundraiser isn't just about Christmas . . . Lynch Creek Farms has a good selection of fall centerpieces that would be wonderful for now or anytime. All shipping is free. You can order something for yourself, or take care of some of your Christmas shopping. They have wonderful gift ideas. It is so easy, and remember you can select your delivery date, so shop now and shop often for delivery whenever it fits your needs.

1.   Log on to
2.   Click Find a Fundraiser on the menu bar
      at the top of the screen
3.   Search for 2016 CSRET Wreath Fundraiser
      (just searching for CSRET will get you there)
4.   Click on Shop now

20% of all purchases are donated back to CSRET and remember that 100% of our fundraising goes to the health and well-being of our CockerKids.

Our 2016 CSRET Wreath Fundraiser is officially open . . . please share with family, friends and co-workers. The Christmas wreaths are perfect for those out of town - you can pre-select your shipping date, and all shipping is free.

Order Yankee Candles on line.
Brighten your home
Help a CockerKid®

Yes, you can still order Yankee Candles. Here is your opportunity to get great smelling candles and help Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas. Yankee Candles make wonderful gifts for your friends or for yourself!

There is more than candles - don't miss the flameless fragrances including scented snowflakes to make that artificial tree smell like the great outdoors. Accessories include trays on which to set candles to preserve wood surfaces and countertops. Don't miss the jar candle toppers to help your candles burn more uniformly. The car vent sticks and car jar air fresheners make great stocker stuffers.

Of course you will want to check out the candles. Your favorites will be there - Clean Cotton, French Vanilla, Beach Walk and others. Special fall and winter scents are also available - Autumn Wreath, Spiced Pumpkin, Balsam and Cedar and more. If you are looking for a variety of scents check out the Samplers votives.

Shop early and invite your friends to shop our on-line sale. Visit Scroll down to the Start Shopping Box. Enter group number 990042840 and then click Start Shopping. Just click on the navigation bar at the top of the page to see the selection of candles, accessories, flameless fragrances, car and small spaces, gifts and seasonal items. On-lines sales continue through December 31, 2016. If you need help ordering contact

Thank you for supporting Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cocker spaniels.

Fostering is the heart of rescue.

Here at the Cocker Inn® our hearts are big. We want to unconditionally accept dogs into our program. When we know we have a foster spot it makes that decision easier. Fostering makes rescue possible. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we save.

A foster home is a place where a dog can chill out, be evaluated, and rehabilitate whether it is a physical or behavioral problem. CSRET provides the vet care and heartworm preventative.

Many people tell us, "Oh, I could never foster because I would fall in love and want to keep them all." Sure, we have all had "foster failures" but doing rescue becomes addictive. Being part of the mission to save dogs' lives and seeing the joy a dog brings an adopter is a real high. How can you look at the sad eyes of a cocker spaniel on death row and not be moved to foster it short term to save its life?

Please open your heart to fostering - between the shelter and a forever home is a special place called a foster home - your home. E-mail or call the hot line at 713-208-1314.


For the last seven years or so the dedicated volunteers of Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas have held adoptions almost every week because we had so many dogs. Contrast that with the early 2000's when we held adoptions once a month at a single PetSmart location. Because of the volume of dogs with which we were dealing, we eventually started having at least one and sometimes two adoptions every week-end.

Currently our headcount is down substantially. In August of 2009 we had 91 available dogs and 26 Forever Fosters whereas currently we have about 25 available dogs (not all of them are ready to go) and 25 Forever Fosters. Consequently the Board has decided to suspend PetSmart adoptions for the present. We have numerous fall festivals where we will show dogs. Additionally, private showings will be utilized. Note that the week of September 4, without holding a formal adoption, we had 8 dogs adopted.

We are still getting in great dogs who need homes. Just submit an application so you are pre-approved and have first shot at any new incoming dogs. We will set up private showings for you. And, remember, we will be at several fall festivals in the area and we will continue to hold an occasional adoption event. Just watch the website.

To expedite the adoption process, we urge you to send in the online application for prior approval. We will review the application and resolve any questions before adoption day so you can take your dog home that day. It also gives us a chance to work with you ahead of time in selecting your new dog. Visit the Adoption Info page and and click on the OnLine Adoption Form. Be sure to check the box indicating you have read the contract. If the dog "licks" the screen you have successfully submitted. You will be contacted after it is received and reviewed.


Cocker Spaniel Rescue does not operate a shelter and has no paid staff. We are a network of foster homes which provide love, shelter, transportation, grooming and food. Funds collected by CSR are used primarily for veterinary care, medication, and boarding. Cocker Spaniel Rescue is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, so your contribution may be tax deductible.

Year 2012 Year 2013 Year 2014 Year 2015 YTD 2016

We are a non-profit organization that depends on our fellow cocker spaniel lovers to keep our program going. If you would like to support us financially, you can mail your tax deductible donation to:

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas
P.O. Box 28
Sugar Land, TX 77487-0028

Or you can make a donation using Paypal.

Either with a one-time donation


Or an automatic monthly donation of    :
$10, $25, $50, $75 or $100

A small gift makes a big difference in a dogs life!

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