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I lost my sweet Bogey on November 26th due to inoperable mouth cancer that had spread through his lymph nodes. Here is the story of how he and I found each other. He was my first rescue and my love at first sight. I was talking and exchanging emails with Judi F., and I had reviewed the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas website to come up with a list of dogs that I was interested in - all older females. Of couse, I asked for each one, "are they housebroken?". My husband and I had just lost our Matisse, a Vizsla, and I was looking for a small dog. We had both had cockers before, and while David wasn't quite ready yet for another, I talked him in to going to the Houston World Series of Dog Show in July 2006. . . We were just going "to look around". Well, I made a bee-line to the CockerKids booth, came around the corner, and BAM there was Judi holding my sweet boy (Nike at the time). A tri-color 2-3 year old boy that once I got him home. . . he wasn't housebroken. I must have stopped back by the booth about 4 or 5 times that day, holding and playing with my boy each time. I filled out the application to foster, and 2 days later I was driving to meet Judi to pick him up.

He became our Bogey - and I knew from the beginning I would never let him go. He and I had such a special bond that David was actually glad when I would travel because then Bogey would finally wander over and give David some love. He had his own personality that brought us so much enjoyment. As most cocker, he loved his ball, and would bring the ball back endlessly as long as someone would throw it for him. And, he never met a roll of toilet paper he didn't like. . .

As my dear friend Judi wrote to me so eloquently in my sorrow, " I remember the day you met Nike, and from that day his life and yours changed forever. He had a wonderful life full of love and it was your love for him that has changed the lives of many Cocker Spaniels who needed you. As you grieve for him, you can take comfort in all of the dogs who were helped along with way just because you loved him.

I had never thought about it that way, but yes, the love I have for Bogey will continue to be shared through my love of rescuing and helping save the lives of our precious CockerKids.

God Bless you Bogey, always in my heart!