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Mr. Adam
May 1, 2014

Our Memories of Mr. Adam

At times, we thought he was part billy goat. He loved to chew anything and everything, including John's expensive dress shoes, my DVDs, bars of bath soap, bic razors, acorns, pinecones, etc..

By far, the objects that earned him the nickname, Dennis the Menace and Goofy, were the box of crayons he ate... and then proceeded to poop rainbow - speckled turds for 3 days, my pile of several hundred dollar bills I had saved for a new camera, and John's winning scratch off lottery tickets.

Mr. Adam was very predictable... He always ran full throttle. Several years ago we took him to a professional photographer. The lady said to let him off his leash so he could explore and feel relaxed.

John and I just looked at her and asked if she was sure ... We informed her he was our Dennis the Menace. She did not have a problem because he was so old and sweet. What happened next, happened in less than 3 minutes. Our old boy ran amok, knocking over the lights, background props, peed on the backdrop ... All of us were chasing our crazed Mr. Adam through the studio. We finally corralled him and the photographer asked us to leash our old boy, who had the goofiest grin on his face.

One of Mr. Adam's favorite activities was to go out on a retractable leash. I went with him to the middle of the street while he ran in circles going round and round. Our neighbors thought we were crazy until I told him our boy was blind so he didn't realize he wasn't going anywhere. When his tongue would start hanging out, I knew he was tired enough to go inside and sleep the night.

However, the fondest memory we have of our boy is the Christmas that we thought we had lost him. Since that fateful bitterly cold evening, we have called him our Christmas miracle. Many might remember that snowy, cold Christmas Eve of yesteryear. Mr. Adam was never without our watchful eyes since he was old, deaf and blind. He had several tags with his name, medical information and vet.

That year we had a guest. Somehow, Mr. Adam got out of the house. All 3 of us went searching for him around midnight. It was so windy and cold. We searched by car and on foot with no success.

We were frantic. We knew our boy would not survive the night outside. In desperation, I got out of the car and just stood in the middle of the road. I stayed still and quiet saying a prayer for our boy... and then just listened.

I then heard, very faintly, Christmas bells. I cocked my head slightly, so I would hear more clearly, and walked toward the direction of the sound. All of a sudden, I heard a distant jingling. I walked forward and then saw Mr. Adam coming out of some bushes.

I ran to him and held him to help warm him until John came back with the car. We were blessed that Christmas with our Christmas miracle ... Mr. Adam. Many Christmases have passed and with each one, we gave thanks for our Mr. Adam being with us another year.

This gentle soul let us know this past Christmas would be his last in our home. He slowly declined before our eyes. When he went out for his nightly run, we knew we would lose him soon. Like the great dragon "who ceased his mighty roar", our old boy stopped running. He walked slowly, then turned to go back to the house to lay down.

We prayed for help ... and help came in the form of an angel ... Karen ... she was there to comfort us and to help us walk Mr. Adam to the Rainbow Bridge. For that, we are eternally grateful.