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May 21, 2014

Sally will be forever remembered by this sweet picture of her that was posted on the Forever Foster page. Sally may have been a senior girl but you would never know it. She had to undergo major abdominal surgery and to be truthful, many doubted she would survive. But she did, and was good as new until she developed a huge abscess. She had a horrible infection but she recovered from that, too. Her back legs had just about given out (her knees were shot) but Sally still got up and down and never had an accident in the house. Her hair follicles were dying so she didn't have much hair, but she was still very beautiful to her forever foster family. On May 20, she greeted her foster mom as usual when she got home, just wanting lots of pets. She slept next to mom, on the bed that night, all night so mom could hold and pet her. It was so good to be able to give her love all night long. Sally's breathing was very labored as she was in congestive heart failure. She was still drinking, but not eating. Sally's foster mom made the painful decision to take a final trip to the vet so Sally could go over to the Rainbow Bridge but Sally had other plans. As her mom was getting ready for work, Sally was laying there watching her and peacefully passed away.

It is always hard to say goodbye to one of our babies, but there is a special spot her foster mom's my heart for Sally. She says she has never had a dog so determined to live.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.