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Below are pictures and bios of dogs that have recently gone to their Forever Homes. We keep their pictures on this page for about a month or so, to make sure that the adoption really works out. Plus, this gives the regular visitors to our web site a chance to follow the comings and goings of their favorite cocker kids.
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Mario has gone to a new home! Way to go, Mario!


Spring has sprung in Texas and along with sunny days and endless wildflowers comes this sweet girl. Bianca is a lovely 4 year old blonde female who came to us from deep in the heart of East Texas. She was rescued from a shelter and is now in search of a forever home. This little sweetheart weighs less than 25 lbs and is totally house trained. This girl is absolutely the sweetest baby ever! She is completely house trained and doesn't mess anything up when left alone. She will make someone a wonderful pet.


In Victorian England waif like children would stand on the streets hawking flowers for a "copper", i.e. a penny. Our little Copper, named for her beautiful copper colored coat, was just as waif like when found on the street, tiny, thin and with hair loss. Quickly treated for sarcoptic mange, her coat will be full again in a few weeks. She has also developed crystals in her urine which hopefully will be a short term problem. Copper has a small mouth and may need baby teeth removed by a vet. If you are up for a six month old puppy who is lively and sweet, get your application in now!
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More Pics


Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have a home with love tonight.

Star is a bashful 3-4 year old female whose only wish is to find a forever home with someone to love her. This sweet girl was living on the streets and was hit by a speeding vehicle which never slowed down for her. A kind person saw what happened, stopped and picked her up and took her to the closest animal shelter for care. Luckily, she was only bruised with a little road rash and had no broken bones. This sweet baby has apparently been mistreated in her short life. She is a bit shy when she first meets people but once she warms up, she she wants to be as close to her human as possible and longs to be a lap dog. Star's wish is to find a an all adult home with no children, cats or multiple dogs.


So you like older more mature dogs? AWESOME! So do we!!

Garrett is a stately gentlemen that we just couldn't pass up on when he was calling out to us from a local shelter. This black and white boy has sown his wild oats and is looking for someone to hang out with in the Lazy Boy. Garrett is a low maintenance boy who is as quiet as a mouse and is totally house trained. He loves to take naps and just hang out with his human. This guy is a perfect gentleman who would love to have a laid back family to hang out with.

(The Cocker Inn has many seniors in our program and has had to limit our intake of older dogs because they have a harder time finding homes. Please consider opening your heart and homes for some of our more mature dogs who deserve to live out their lives in a loving home. It is very difficult for us to leave one behind in a cold shelter because nobody wants to adopt an older dog)


Hi all. Gabriella here. The CockerKids are calling me Gabby. They are all wondering how I made it to the CockerInn.

I was found with sarcoptic mange. I had no hair and the good folks at the Cocker Inn took a chance that I was a cocker. Oops. That didn't pan out. Of course once they got to know me, they said I could stay and they would find me a forever home.

Someone mentioned I might have Bassett in me. I'm long, low and my feet turn out. The bottom line I'm a sweet girl that likes everyone although I can be a little timid. I love running around the backyard. Belly rubs are the best. If you would like to meet me, contact I'll check my calendar and see if I can work you in. Hope to meet you soon.