Plea for Foster Homes

It occurred to me the other day that I now foster for selfish reasons. I love giving these dogs a new chance at a better life, and there is no greater joy than knowing that what I have done makes a difference. When I get e-mails and phone calls from adoptive parents the joy it brings me to know that dog is cherished is priceless.

A year ago my husband and I decided we had room in our home and in our hearts for a foster cocker. We took in a large black and tan cocker from a boarding facility that was closing. For four months we occasionally took him to adoptions pretending to try to find him a home when we knew in our hearts that he had already adopted us. We eventually gave up our half-hearted endeavors and made him a permanent member of our family.

At this time we felt that fostering may not be for us because we had given away our only foster spot to a permanent member of our family. Several months later we decided we would try again and took in one of the puppy mill dogs. He was shy and sweet and it was an absolute thrill facilitating his transformation from life in a cage to learning how to be a dog and live in a home. How I cried the day his new family came to pick him up. I was sad to see him go but filled with joy to know that he was going to be a cherished member of a family. I receive e-mails from this family regularly thanking me and letting me know that he is sooo loved.

We took in another foster who came in thin and neglected from his previous owners. His new owners call to tell me about their walks in the park and how he can get cat food off the counter no matter where you put it. And I know that his world is better for what we have done.

And we took in another foster who was aggressive with other dogs and helped socialize him with our own pack. He is now being field trained with his new family and living well with his new canine sister.

We have now opened a second foster spot in our home and are looking to find wonderful homes that will cherish them the way they deserve.

So if you feel you have a little room in your home and in your heart please contact us.

"Saving Just One Cat/Dog Won't Change The World
But It Will Surely Change The World Of One Cat/Dog!"