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My name is Tori, and I'm a Cocker Spaniel Rescue Alumnus. I was adopted by my foster family on July 1, 2002. I was less than a year old at the time and quite a handful. Since then I've grown, matured and settled into my forever home. I'm now the Director of Alumni Relations here at the Cocker Inn®. This part of the CockerKids® website has been one of the most challenging to keep current. Then it struck us. We don't really have to update an Alumni Section, because most of the former CockerKids are on Facebook! We keep a running Facebook feed on the Home Page, and we'll duplicate it here. We'll pull off a few of the more recent Alumni posts and past them here, too. We love to hear what's going on with the CockerKids in their forever homes. Please post your updates to our Facebook timeline or if you prefer, email it to and we'll share it on this page. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and you'll get notified as updates are posted.
Alex is celebrating his adoption day, four years ago on June 25.
-June 25, 2015
For alumni Niko, every day is a day at the beach.
-April 20, 2015
April 12 marked two years since we adopted Watson. And it has been two years of awesome. We celebrated with some frozen custard (they have a treat specifically for dogs). Thank you so much for all the work you do and for bring this wonderful puppy dog into our lives!!
-April 16, 2015
Jedi Master Ligety (now known as Finn McCool) doesn't like thunderstorms and is trying to use The Force to make them go away.
-September 7, 2014
Alumni Zach and Riley kicking back and leading the life of Riley.
-August 26, 2014
Alumni Ligety and Ike kicking standing guard. Their mission is to make sure no one raids the fridge. . . unless they get a share.
-August 20, 2014
Most dogs hike a hind leg when they approach a tree, not alumni Ringo Starr. Actually, he's not taking himself for a walk, he's chasing bugs.
-August 8, 2014
It may not be a yellow submarine, but Alumni Ringo Starr is LOVING his new home in New Jersey. Ringo gets to tour on planes, boats and automobiles. What a turnaround in his life!
-July 20, 2014
Alumni Harvey LOVEs chasing the seagulls at the beach!
-July 3, 2014
Here is Lizzie, (nee Daphne) on her first spa day today at Petsmart. She is now 5 months old The folks at Petsmart said people were standing at the window oohing and aahing and she put her head on the groomers' shoulder. Originally I told them just a bath and trim her head and feet since it was first time at the salon, but she did so good, they called and asked if they could go ahead and give her the works! She took one bow out of the ears before we even got home and the 2nd one you see in this photo barely made it to the end of the photo shoot.
-June 30, 2014